The 14th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment


We will have two official workshops.As the number of participants is limited, please apply for only one. When the number of participants has reached the limit, we will close the application.

Workshop Registration
1) Positive Reinforcement Training Workshop
Title What is scientific training? ~the basic applied behavior analysis (ABA) and its application~
Date and time 25th June, 2019 13:00 - 18:00 (including break)
Location Clock Tower, Kyoto University
(Maximum participants: 60)
Contents Lectures from experts (Prof. Naoko Sugiyama, Ms. Jodi Carrigan and Mr. Kazuyuki Ban)
The Shaping Game
Group discussion
Closed! 2) Environmental Enrichment Workshop
Title Practical tips for creative enrichment: we are happy and we wear happi!
Date and time 25th June, 2019 13:00 - 17:00
Location Kyoto City Zoo
(Maximum participants: 30)
Contents Lectures from experts
Group work (Planning and creating enrichment for four species of animals)
Fee Structure
Early (Until 31st Jan, 2019)
Regular Student
Whole conference participation (5 days) 27,000JPY 18,000JPY
Participation on a daily basis 9,000JPY 9,000JPY
Middle(1st Feb, 2019 to 14th March)
Regular Student
Whole conference participation (5 days) 30,000JPY 20,000JPY
Participation on a daily basis 10,000JPY 10,000JPY
Late (After 15th March, 2019)
Regular Student
Whole conference participation (5 days) 33,000JPY 22,000JPY
Participation on a daily basis 11,000JPY 11,000JPY
Registration and abstract submission
To submit an abstract (for symposia, workshops, oral presentations, poster presentations or rapid communication) you must be registered for the congress. The Congress Registration Form and Abstract Submission Form can be found in the link below.
Registration / Abstract Submission

Presentation types
In addition to oral and poster presentations, we will hold Rapid Communication sessions.
Details of Rapid Communication
  • 5 minute short talk
  • Include a short movie or slides to show animal behaviors of interest or introduce enrichment devices.
  • Please prepare using SIMPLE English.
  • You can submit an abstract solely for this session or also use it as an introduction to your poster. If you want to have a presentation only at this session, please choose the option of "Rapid Communication". If you want to use this session as an introduction to your poster, please choose the option of "Rapid Communication and Poster" on the registration site.
  • There will be no time allocated for questions or comments.

Abstract submission
We invite authors to submit work broadly related to animal welfare. We welcome presentations about scientific studies to understand animals, as well as studies involving the actual practice and evaluation of environmental enrichment. The abstract word limit is 250 words. Please download the abstract format from here. Please change the filename to your fullname before submitting. ex) smith_james.docx
  • General Session: oral and poster presentations. The committee will review the abstracts.
  • Symposia or workshops: We have limited slots for symposia and workshops (a total of 90 minutes per session). The committee will review and select the sessions based on the abstracts.

Abstract submission deadline
14th?March, 2019 (Extended!)
こちらより参加登録および要旨の送付をお願いします。 こちらに登録方法についてまとめたファイルをアップロードしてあります。


口頭発表(Oral presentation)およびポスター発表(Poster presentation)に加えて,短報(Rapid Communication)のセッションを設けます。 短報(Rapid Communication)セッションの要綱は下記になります。
  • 5分で活動紹介をしてください。
  • 短い映像を制作したりやスライドを用いて,日ごろ行う取組の中で見つけた動物の興味深い行動や,発明したエンリッチメントデバイスについて紹介してください。
  • 誰もがわかるシンプルな英語の使用をお願いします。
  • このセッションのみの発表も可能ですし,ポスター発表と組み合わせて,ポスター発表の紹介という位置づけでも大丈夫です。このセッションのみの発表の場合は登録サイトのRapid Communicationをお選びください。ポスター発表の紹介という形で,ポスター発表と同じ内容で発表を行う場合は,Rapid Communication and Posterを選択してください。
  • 質疑応答の時間はありません。