The 14th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment

: Kyoto University, : Kyoto City Zoo
Hotel Information

There are many hotels in Kyoto which range from cheap budget hostels to luxurious hotels. You can book hotels through various websites, including:

Please note that hotels in Kyoto can easily become fully booked. We strongly recommend reserving a hotel as early as possible!

Recommended Location


The hotels in the Sanjo and Shijo area are convenient both for attending the conference at the Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University, and sightseeing. You can travel to the conference venue by bus (it takes about 20 mins depending on traffic). No. 3, 17, 31 and 201 buses stop near the conference venue. Please get off at either "Hyakumanben" or "Kyodai Seimon-mae" stops (Kyoto City Bus & Subway Information Guide.) It takes about 5 mins walk to the conference venue from the bus stops.


There are some hotels nearer to the conference venue, but fewer options compared to the Sanjo and Shijo areas.


Hotels near Kyoto station are another option. You can take the No. 17 or 206 bus from Kyoto station to the conference venue. Please get off at either “Hyakumanben” or “Kyodai Seimon-mae” stops. It takes about 40 mins to the conference venue, depending on traffic.

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