22-26 June 2019

Kyoto, Japan

Program Photos
Conference Theme
Learning from the Wild: Animal Welfare, Conservation and Education in Harmony
Understanding animals in the wild and captivity,
Multifaceted approaches to improve animal welfare,
Novel technologies to improve and understand animal welfare,
Cognition and animal welfare,
Free session
Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University
Hosted by
Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science, Kyoto University
Kyoto City Zoo
Japan Monkey Centre
International Core of Excellence for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation focusing on Large Animal Studies
Sponsored by
Tobii Technology K.K.
Oriental Yeast Co. Ltd
T.M Barger

If you are interested in exhibiting your company products, please contact us (iceekyoto2019 [at] iceekyoto.org) directly for more information.


Online registration has been closed on 14th June. Currently, on-site registration is the only option. For on-site registration, please go to the registration desk of the ICEE2019. The fee structure is the same with "Late registration". Please note that with on-site registration, you cannot buy tickets for banquets and post-congress tours. In addition, we can no longer accept the cancellation of the banquet.


We are accepting free-style project suggestions (e.g. NPO exhibitions). Please contact iceekyoto2019 [at] iceekyoto.org

If you want to use day nursery, please click here and complete application by 7th June, 2019. The price is 600 JPY / hour. The detailed information is provided after filling in the information from the link.
Committee Members
President Emeritus
Juichi Yamagiwa (Kyoto University)
Tetsuro Matsuzawa (Kyoto University)
Executive Committee
Satoshi Hirata (Kyoto University)
Secretary Generals
Yumi Yamanashi (Kyoto City Zoo / Kyoto University)
General Affairs
Takakazu Yumoto (Kyoto University)
Committee of Program and Symposia
Masaki Tomonaga (Kyoto University)
Information for Foreign Visitors
Yuko Hattori (Kyoto University)
Masayuki Tanaka (Kyoto City Zoo)
Student Affair Workshop
Yuri Kawaguchi (Kyoto University)
Aquarium and Aquatic Animals
Shiro Kohshima (Kyoto University)
Fund-Raising and Social Affairs
Masaki Tomonaga (Kyoto University)
Fumito Kawakami (Kyoto University)
Committee of Excursion
Gen'ichi Idani (Kyoto University)
Scientific Committee
Miho Murayama (Kyoto University)

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The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis (Mind Field Season 3 Episode 1)
[See also] Article about Tradeoff Theory (PDF): Matsuzawa (2009): Current Opinion in Neurobiology
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Please contact Yumi Yamanashi iceekyoto2019 [at] iceekyoto.org if you have questions.